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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Eighteen steps of the sabarimala temple

The 18 steps of sabarimala is believed to be the symbolic representation of the life,spirit and environment.It is believed to be based on following facts
• It represent 18 purna and 18 upa purna of Hindu epics
• It represent 18 chapters of Bhagavad geeta
• It represent 18 thatuvam of human body and jivatma
• It represent 18 glands of the body.As per the yoga sastra,Kundalini power reaches parabrahma after passing through all 18 glands
• It represent 18 hills in the poonkavanam of Lord Ayyappa
• It represents the 18 maladevatas
• It represent 18  weapons of Lord Ayyappa
The padi pooja,which is one of the most sacred rites of Sabarimala performed at all the steps.Piligrims with Erumudikettu are allowed to step in to thirumuttam through the 18 steps.