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Friday, 28 December 2012

Sabarimala Devaswom Board

TDB was constituted under Travancore-Cochin Hindu Religious Institutions Act of 1950, as the governing body of the temples in the Travancore region. It is an autonomous body comprising the President and two Members. As per an amendment of the Act in 2007, one of the members shall be a woman and the other belonging to a Scheduled Caste or Tribe. The woman member and the Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe member shall be nominated by the Hindus among the Council of Ministers and the other member shall be elected by the Hindus among the members of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Kerala. The term of the President as well as the members of the Board is two years
  • Chief Commissioner: K. Jayakumar, IAS
  • Members:
TDB has a Secretariat with its headquarters at Nanthencode,Thiruvananthapuram. The major departments of the Board are :
  1. Devaswom Department. Devaswom Commissioner is the Chief Executive and Head of the Department
  2. Works Department, headed by the Chief Engineer (General)
  3. Law Department, headed by the Law Officer
  4. Accounts Department, headed by the Finance & Accounts officer
  5. Vigilance Department, headed by a Superintendent of Police on deputation from Police Department
  6. Cultural Department, headed by the Director of Cultural Affairs



    Opening 5.30pm Clossing 10.00pm
1 Mandalapooja Maholsavam(1188) 15/11/2012 26/12/2012
2 Makaravilakku Festival 30/12/2012 20/01/2013 7.00am
3 Makaravilakku day 14/01/2013  
4 Monthly Pooja (Kumbham) 12/02/2013 17/02/2013
5 Monthly  Pooja (Meenam) 14/03/2013 19/03/2013
6 Ulsavam 17/03/2013 27/03/2013
7 Kodiyettu 18/03/2013  
8 Painkuni Uthram & Arattu 27/03/2013  
9 Medavishu Festival 09/04/2013 17/04/2013
10 Medavishu 14/04/2013  
11 Monthly Pooja (Edavam) 14/05/2013 19/05/2013
12 Idol Installation Day 20/05/2013 21/05/2013
13 Monthly Pooja (Midhunam) 14/06/2013 19/06/2013
14 Monthly Pooja (Karkkidakam) 16/07/2013 21/07/2013
15 Monthly Pooja (Chingam) 16/08/2013 21/08/2013
16 Onam 14/09/2013 18/09/2013
17 Monthly Pooja (Kanni) 16/09/2013 21/09/2013
18 Monthly Pooja (Thulam) 16/10/2013 21/10/2013
19 Sree Chithra Attathirunal 01/11/2013 02/11/2013
20 Mandalapooja Maholsavam (1188) 15/11/2013 26/12/2013
21 Mandalapooja 26/12/2013  
22 Thirunada opens for Makaravilakku 30/12/2013  
Next Makaravilakku date – 14/01/2014

History of Makaravilakku-Makarajyothi

There are different stories associated with makaravilakku-makarajyothi. One popular legend is that Ayyappa, after defeating the devil mahishasura, merged with the dharma shastha murti at the Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa Temple on the Makarajyothi day. This makarajyothi is considered as the star that appears on the sky during puja but makaravilakku is a jyothi that appears at ponnambalameddu 3 times on makar sankranthi day usually after the evening puja.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Makara Vilakku

The most important festival at the Ayyapppa temple on Sabarimala is Makara Vilakku. It is a seven-day festival, beginning on the day of Makara Sankranthi, the day when the sun is in summer solstice. According to legend, the idol of Dharma Shastha was enshrined in the temple on this day. The annual festivities of Makara Vilakku commemorate this sacred event.

The jewellery to adorn the idol during the celebrations is brought from Pandalam Palace in a ceremonial procession that starts from Valiya Koyikkal Sastha Temple at Pandalam, three days prior to Makara Sankranthi. The boxes containing the sacred jewels are borne by an oracle; the procession reaches Sabaripeettam in the evening on Makara Sankranthi and is led to the Sannidhanam to the accompaniment of lights and music. Incidentally, a kite appears in the sky at this very moment and hovers around the boxes, as if to safeguard the precious cache comprising a diamond diadem, gold bracelets and necklaces embedded with precious gems, Lord's swords, silver arrows and images of elephant, horse and leopard fashioned out of gold.

Another highlight of this festival is the appearance of Makarajyothi that leaves an indelible impression on the millions who view it. The poojas and rituals associated with Makara Vilakku are performed on the Manimandapam (sacred platform) adjacent to the Devi's shrine. A picture depicting Lord Ayyappan on the back of a tiger is placed on the podium.

Afterwards, Malikappurathamma is mounted on an elephant's back and taken in a procession of torch bearers, drummers and buglers to Pathinettampadi (18 holy steps). The procession stops abruptly as the Vettavili (call for hunting) is given out and returns, circumambulating the main temple. Makara Vilakku ends with the ritual called 'Guruthi', offering made to appease the god and goddesses of the wilderness. None remains within the temple and its precincts after the 'Guruthi'.

Other important festivals celebrated at the temple include Onam, Mandalapooja and Vishu Vilakku.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Devotees initiate the vratham by wearing a Thulasi or a Rudraksha mala. After this ceremony, the male pilgrim and the female pilgrim (aged 1-12 and after 55) are addressed as Ayyapan/Swamy and Maalikapuram respectively, until their completion of the pilgrimage. The devotees will wear only BLACK colored clothings.
1. Devotees are expected to undergo practices of simple living, and absolute cleanliness.
2.Total abstinence from all vices like alcohol, tobacco, chewing betel leaves and non-vegetarian food is stipulated.
3. Devotees shall not trim or cut their hair on any parts of their body and shall not cut their fingernail or toenail
4. He shall bathe twice, if possible thrice, daily and perform pooja by at least chanting 108 Ayyappan Saranam. He shall continuously chant Saranam Ayyappa in mind, both at work and at home.
5. He shall not hurt anybody verbally or physically.
6. He shall treat all co-devotees as Lord Ayyappan himself and serve them in all the ways.
7. He shall not feel proud of the respect and privileges he gets when he is wearing the holy mala. When others prostrate themselves on his feet he shall not feel proud but dedicate the same to Lord Ayyappan and say aloud 'Lord Save everybody for their faith in you'.
8. He shall not cause inconvenience to his family members on account on observing the vritham.
9. As he starts his vritham every year, he shall think that he is doing the same for first time and follow all the rules of the vritham strictly.
10. He shall strictly follow brahmacharya (continence), refrain from sex, thinking of sex, develop passion against all women including his wife, and treat all women with motherly feeling.
11. He shall not apply oil to his hair and shall not take bath with oil smeared over his body.
12. He shall not attend any social function like birthdays, engagement, and wedding, etc. and shall feast in anyone's home who have not undertaken the vritham.
13. He shall avoid being in the proximity of dead body and shall not eat anything till he bathes if he accidentally sees one.
14. He shall always carry a tulsi leaf with him to prevent him from evil feeling and from Thitu.
15. He shall not sleep on bed but on floor, he shall not use pillow but wooden block, he shall not use footwear but walk with bare feet and not use an umbrella.
16. He shall totally surrender himself to Lord Ayyappa.
Starting with "OM" ending with "SARANAM AYYAPPA"
1. Swamiye
2. Harihara sudhane
3. Kannimoola Mahaa ganapathy bhagavaane
4. Arumugam Sagotharhane
5. Maalikaippurattu manjamma devi lokamadhave
6. Vaavar Swamiye
7. Karuppanna Swamiye
8. Periya kadutta Swamiye
9. Siriya kadutta Swamiye
10. Vanadevadha maare
11. Durga bhagavathi maare
12. Achchan kovil arase
13. Anaatha rakshagane
14. Anna dhana prabhuve
15. Achcham thavirpavane
16. Ambalathu arasane
17. Abhaya dhayagane
18. Ahandai azhippavane
19. Ashtasiddhi dhayagane
20. Andmorai aadarikkum deivame
21. Azhuthayil vaasane
22. Aaryaiikaavu Ayyaave
23. Aabhad baandhavane
24. Ananda jyotiye
25. Aatma swaroopiye
26. Aanaimukhan tambiye
27. lrumudi priyane
28. lnalai therppavane
29. Heha para suka daayakane
30. Irudaya kamala vaasane
31. Eedillaa inbam alippavane
32. Umaiyaval baalakane
33. Umaikku arul purindavane
34. Uzhvinai akatruvone
35. Ukkam alippavane
36. Engum niraindhone
37. Enillaa roopane
38. En kula deivame
39. En guru naathane
40. Erumeli vaazhum kiraata -shasthave
41. Engum nirainda naada brahmame
42. Ellorkkum arul puribavane
43. Aetrumaanoorappan magane
44. Aekaanta vaasiye
45. Aezhaikkarul puriyum eesane
46. Aindumalai vaasane
47. Aiyyangal teerppavane
48. Opillaa maanikkame
49. Omkaara parabrahmame
50. Kaliyuga varadane
51. Kan.kanda deivame
52. Kambankudiku udaiya naathane
53. Karunaa samudrame
54. Karpoora jyotiye
55. Sabari giri vaasane
56. Shathru samhaara moortiye
57. Sharanaagadha rakshakane
58. Sharana ghosha priyane
59. Shabarikku arul purindavane
60. Shambhukumaarane
61. Satya swaroopane
62. Sankatam therppavane
63. Sanchalam azhippavane
64. Shanmukha sodarane
65. Dhanvantari moortiye
66. Nambmorai kaakkum deivame
67. Narttana priyane
68. Pantala raajakumaarane
69. Pambai baalakane
70. Parasuraama poojithane
71. Bhakta jana rakshakane
72. Bhakta vatsalane
73. Paramashivan puthirane
74. Pambaa vaasane
75. Parama dhayaalane
76. Manikanda porule
77. Makara jyotiye
78. Vaikkathu appan makane
79. Kaanaka vaasane
80. Kulattu puzhai paalakane
81. Guruvaayoorappan makane
82. Kaivalya padha daayakane
83. Jaati mata bhedam illathavane
84. Shivashakti Aikya svaroopane
85. Sevipparku aananda moorthiye
86. Dushtar bhayam neekkuvone
87. Devaadi devane
88. Devarkal thuyaram therthavane
89. Devendra poojitane
90. Narayanan mynthane
91. Neiabhisheka priyane
92. Pranava swaroopane
93. Paapa samhaara moorthiye
94. Paayasanna priyane
95. Vanpuli vaakanane
96. Varapradaayakane
97. Bhaagavatottamane
98. Ponambala vaasane
99. Mohini sudhane
100. Mohana roopane
101. Villan vilaali veerane
102. Veeramani kantane
103. Sadguru nathane
104. Sarva rokanivarakane
105. Sachi ananda sorupiye
106. Sarvaabheestha thayakane
107. Saasvatapadam alippavane
108. Satiyamayaponu Pathenetham Thirupadhikhale
Loka Veeram Maha Poojyam,
Sarvarakshakaram Vibhum !
Parvathi Hridayanandam,
Saasthaaram Pranamamyaham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 1 !!
Viprapoojyam Viswavandyam,
Vishnu Shambho Priyam Sutham !
Kshipraprasaada Niratam,
Saasthaaram Pranamamyaham
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 2 !!
Mattha Maatanga Gamanam,
Kaarunyaamrita Pooritam !
Sarva Vighnaharam Devam,
Saasthaaram Pranamamyaham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 3 !!
Asmatkuleswaram Devam,
Asmat Shatru Vinaashanam !
Asmadista Pradaataram,
Saasthaaram Pranamamyaham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 4 !!
Pandyesha Vamsa Tilakam,
Keraley Keli Vigraham !
Aarta Thraana Param Devam,
Saasthaaram Pranamamyaham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 5 !!
Pancha Ratnaakya Methadyo
Nityam Shudha Patennaraha !
Tasya Prasanno Bhagawaan
Saastha Vasathi Maanase !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 6 !!
Sabarigiri Nivaasam Shaantha Hrid Padma Hamsam !
Sashi Ruchi Mrithuhaasam Shyamalam Bhodha Bhaasam !!
Kalitha Ripu Niraasam Kaantha Mrithunga Naasam !!
Nathinuthi Paradaasam Naumi Pinjaava Thamsam !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 7 !!
Sabarigiri Nishaantham Shange Kundenthu Dhantham !
Shamadhana Hridi Bhaantham Shatru Paalee Krithaantham !!
Sarasija Ripukaantham Saanu Kampeksha Naantham
Kritha Nutha Vipadantham Keerthaye Hum Nithaantham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 8 !!
Sabarigiri Kalaapam Shaastra Vadhwaantha Deepam
Shamitha Sujanathaapam Shanthiheer Nir Dhuraapam !
Kara Dhrutha Sumachaapam Kaarano Paatha Rupam !
Kacha Kalitha Kalaapam Kaamaye Pushkalabham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 9 !!
Sabarigiriniketham Shankaropendrapotham
Shakalitha Dhithijaatham Shatruji Moothapaatham !
Padanatha Puruhutham Paalitha Shesha Bhootham
Bhavajala Nidhi Bhotham Bhavaye Nitye Bhootham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 10 !!
Sabari Vihrithi Lokham Shyamalo Ddhaara Chelam
Shathamakha Ripukaalam Sarva Vaikunta Balam !
Nathajana Surajaalam Naaki Lokaanukoolam
Navamayamani Maalam Naumi Nisshesha Moolam !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 11 !!
Sabarigirikuteeram Shatru Samghaatha Ghoram
Shatagiri Shathadhaaram Shashpi Theyndraari Shooram !!
Harigirisha Kumaarem Haari Keyura Haaram
Navajaladha Shareeram Naumi Vishwaika Veeram !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 12 !!
Sarasija Dalanethram Saara Saaraathi Vakthram
Sajala Jaladha Ghaathram Saandhra Kaarunya Paathram !
Sahathanaya Kalanthram Saambha Govinda Puthram
Sakala Vibhudha Mithram Sannamam Pavithram !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 13 !!
Shridhaa Nanda Chinthamani Shreenivasam
Sada Sacchidaananda Purna Prakasham !
Udhaaram Sadhaaram Suraadhaara meesham
Param Jyothi Rupam Bhaje Bhootha Naatham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 14 !!
Vibhum Veda Vedaantha Vedhyam Varishtam
Vibhoothi Pradam Vishrutham Brahma Nishtam
Vibhaaswath Prabhaava Prabhum Pushka Leshtam
Param Jyothi Rupam Bhaje Bhootha Naatham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 15 !!
Parithraana Dhaksham Parabrahma Soothram
Sfuraschaaru Gaathram Bhava Dhwaantha Mithram!
Param Prema Paathram Pavithram Vichithram
Param Jyothi Rupam Bhaje Bhootha Naatham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 16 !!
Paresham Prabhum Purna Kaarunya Rupam
Girishaadi Peeto Jwala Chcharu Deepam !
Sureshaadi Samsevitham Suprathaapam
Param Jyothi Rupam Bhaje Bhootha Naatham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 17 !!
Gurum Purna Lavanya Paadadi Kesham
Gareeyam Mahatkoti Surya Prakasham !
Karaambhoru Hanya Sthavethram Suresham
Param Jyothi Rupam Bhaje Bhootha Naatham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 18 !!
Haree Shaana Samyuktha Shakthyey Ka Veeram
Kiraathaava Thaaram Kripaa Paanga Pooram !
Kireetaavath Sojjwalath Pinjcha Bhaaram
Param Jyothi Rupam Bhaje Bhootha Naatham!!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 19 !!
Mahaayoga Peeto Jwalantham Mahaantham
Mahaavaakya Saaro Padesham Sushaantham!
Maharshi Praharsha Pradam Jnaana Kaantham
Param Jyothi Rupam Bhaje Bhootha Naatham !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa !! 20 !!
Om Shree Butha Natha Satha Nantha
Sarva Butha Thayagara!
Rackcha Rackcha Maha Baho
Shastre Thutyam Namo Namaha !!
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Vehicle Booking for Sabarimala

We will pick you up from :

Nedumbassery International Airport (Kochi - Cochin)

Ernakulam South (Ernakulam Junction) Railway Station

Ernakulam North (Ernakulam Town) Railway Station

Rates from Kochi International Airport / Ernakulam Railway Station
Vehicle Rate (Rs) A/C (Rs)
Indica 4500 +500
Ambassador 4500 +500
Logan N/A 5300
Qualis 5100 +1000
Scorpio 5100 +1000
Tavera 5100 +1000
Innova N/A 6800
Tempo Traveller (14 Seater) 7500 +1000
Tempo Traveller (17 Seater) 9000 +1000
Bus (27 Seater) 14000 +4000
Bus (49 Seater) 17000 N/A
*Rates are subject to change without notice    
For more details :- Call us, Kerala: +91 (0) 9349288868 / +91 (0) 9961543990
Email - mail@sabarimalaayyappan.com

Kochi (Ernakulam) - Pampa package :
Day 01: Arrival at Kochi (Cochin) International Airport/Ernakulam Railway Station, proceed to Sabarimala (If needed we will provide kettunira assistance also). On the way, visits to Chottanikara Temple, Kaduthuruthi temple, Vaikom Temple, Ettumanoor Temple, Erumeli Temple and finally drop at final destination, Pampa.

(Vehicles cannot proceed further beyond Pampa which is located in the Pampa river valley; the final five kilometers are best covered by trekking, but for the aged and handicapped, porters and chairs are available)

Day 02: Early morning after the Darshan you can reach Pamba and proceed to Cochin. Drop at Cochin (Kochi) Airport/ Ernakulam Railway Station.

Kochi - Pampa - Guruvayur - Kochi / Trichur package
Day 01: Arrival at Kochi (Cochin) International Airport/Ernakulam Railway Station, proceed to Sabarimala (If needed, will provide kettunira assistance also). On the way, visits to Chottanikara Temple, Kaduthuruthi temple, Vaikom Temple, Ettumanoor Temple, Erumeli Temple and finally drop at final destination, Pampa.

(Vehicles cannot proceed further beyond Pampa which is located in the Pampa river valley; the final five kilometers are best covered by trekking, but for the aged and handicapped, porters and chairs are available)

Day 02: Early morning after the Darshan you can reach Pamba and proceed to Guruvayur. Over night stay at guruvayur (will provide hotel accommodation).

Day 03: After the Darshan drop at Trichur (Trissur) Railway Station or Kochi International Airport or Ernakulam Railway Station

For more details :- Call us, Kerala: +91 (0) 9349288868 / +91 (0) 9961543990
Email - mail@sabarimalaayyappan.com