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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Ayyappans Following are The Rules and Regulations (Niyamas) to be observed while taking the Deeksha

On the first day Mudra Mala is worshipped and oath is taken or sankalpa is done. The Deeksha holder affirms that he will follow the rules for these many days and wears the Mala as the symbolic of Deeksha. Get up early in the morning before the sunrise and take bath with normal water.
Hot water bath not recommended for Deeksha holders. Perform elaborate pooja to Ayyappa Swami with lamp, incense and flowers. Read Ayyappa strotram and recite prayers. Offering camphor aarti to Ayyappa is the must. Only after the puja you can have water or milk. Same thing is observed in the evening. You have to take bath in
evening and perform the same puja as Sandhya Vadanam.
Wearing black or orange colored clothes shows that the person is in Deeksha. He should not wear footware, socks, glouses etc. He should wear the Mudra Mala till the end of Deeksha and never remove it in between.
It is custom to take darshan of Deities in temple everyday. After Ayyappa pooja only you can worship other devatas. If you do not have Ayyappa temple you can take darshan of any Deity in the near by temple as temple is considered auspicious. Refrain from shaving, haircut and nail trimming during the Deeksha. Observe strict ‘No-No' to meat eating, intoxication, gambling and tobocco or pan chewing. Observe strict brahmacharya or celebacy
during the Deeksha. It is better to reserve a special room for yourself in the house. Do not sleep on mattresses or cushions. Sleep on floor with simple beddings.
Do not see any dead bodies or attend funerals. Do not see or touch the woman in her menstrual periods. In case happens by mistake take Panchagavya Shir Snanam and drink the Holy water offered to Deities.
Always call out ‘Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa'. Treat every women (including wife) as respectable mother. Call every man as ‘Swami' or ‘Ayyappa' and every woman as ‘Mallika purottama' or ‘Mata'.
Do not ignore or reject the invitations of Ayyapans who call for pooja and prasadam. Honor them by attending the invitation and offer some charity to the pooja.
Always wear Vibhuti or Chandan or Kumkum on the forehead. Take only Satvik food during the Deeksha and in night take a light meal. Do not take part in voilent and observe humbleness and tolerance in all cirumstances. Do not speak lies. Refrain from back biting and giving bad words. Do
not pretend or overact. Do your daily activities in the mood of service. Never listen to sense gratifying music or songs. Do not watch movies or television which distracts your devotional spirit. Do not indulge in long conversation on mundane matters and as far as possible observe silence and calmness in mind. According to your capacity give charity to other Ayyappans and invite them for Holy feast and Bhajans. Forget about your designations,
possessions and pride during the Deeksha. Do not hestitate to offer obeisance to the other Ayyappans who are observing Deeksha and honour them appropriately. Take blessings everyday by offering
obeisance to parents and pujaris.
swami saranam.
racharla ramesh guruswami bhongir

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